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eNo wrote:

I'm glad you're using the word "system," which means (a) you're pretty thoughtful about what you're buying and (b) you understand that it's about more than the body. IMO, if you want a full system, Canon or Nikon are then only DSLR players worth considering. Others don't have a full lens line-up, even considering 3rd party lenses, and they also fall short on the flash/speedlight end, where I think Canon has a slight edge right now thanks to their recently added radio triggering. Then, it's about comparing capabilities, where I think Nikon holds a slight to significant edge (depending on who you ask and what they're shooting) in AF performance (at the top end) and high ISO/low noise capabilities.

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Thank you for your input.  You mentioned; Nikon and Canon are the " Only " players worth considering!

As I read your comments, I thought to myself that this guy has much different priorities than I do.. Flash speed edge and electric triggers !.. I said to my self this guy sounds like a Professional Photographer. So I went to your profile.

Ive said all along, I have no interest in becoming a professional or make any money trying to sell anything. I don't even want to seek that avenue.

To me, a 3 axis articulating live view screen is much more important than an electric flash trigger. I am old, retired and have bad knees, but want to get those low angle shots, without having to get down low or on my knees and have to have someone there to help me up.. also I don't want to shoot blindly over the heads of people at a wedding when everyone is circling the bride and groom dancing.

You have to understand that I am very appreciative of anyone who spent the time to respond to my thread. You are not the only one who has responded to me using your priorities instead of mine. I respect your professionalism, and the time you spent responding, but for me, there are more " Players" than just Nikon and Canon.

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