Best selling mirrorless cameras in Japan for 2012

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Re: What is really suprising is Sony....

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doing so poorly. u 4/3 has half the market and Sony less than 20%!?

Sony's brand name is huge in Japan, bigger than Nikon.

At less than 20% market penetration, I think the Sony brass may pull the plug on NEX.

I guess the Memory Stick and Betamax wont be so lonely anymore.


Love the way you think.

At 21.4 % panasonic is doing great but at 18.4% sony is doomed. By your logic panasonic is also almost doomed because it is just a percent above 20.

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Panasonic and Oly are essentially the same company when it comes to u 4/3.

you are deluded if you believe it.

Why do you think the never make a competing product?

Like for example when Oly made OM-D , panasonice never made gh3 to compete with it.

GH-3 does not compete with the OM-d.

They appeal to very different consumers.

Every camera compete with another one. For those who bought into m43 , if there was no OMD then they might have bought GH3, same if OMD wasn't there then GH3 was the option. So yes they compete with one another.

Not really.

The Holga does not compete with the GH-3.

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::> Knowledge is mother of efficiency.


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