Best selling mirrorless cameras in Japan for 2012

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Re: Same company?

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Excellent to see and now they also have the V2. Competition is great.

I would never buy one, but this is good news for Nikon.

All the best folks, congrats Nikon.



I thought the Nikon 1 was going to be a big flop.

But Nikon seems to understand the consumer very well.

Coolpix may be destroyed by the cell phone camera but Nikon 1 will upgrade the Coolpix customer who doesn't care about DOF control-

probably the vast majority of people who buy digital cameras.

Nikon hit a home run here and Canon wiffed big time.


Erm the Nikon 1 has been a big flop....

living life to the Four Thirds!

lol the #1 selling mirrorless camera in Japan is a flop, that's tenuous even by your standards

Some people on m43 forums are great at critical thinking. There is another one who thinks that OLy and Panasonic are same companies.


Okey then Oly 28% and Panasoni at 21.4% , you can not lump them together and call a single figure for both. As you admitted they are not the same company.

Explain to me how panasonic at 21% is doing great while Sony at 18% is going to dump camera business because they are doing very poorly?

Strategic partners?


More than that?


Yes, Panasony decided to put lots of money in Olympus because they are more than strategic partners.

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