Best selling mirrorless cameras in Japan for 2012

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Re: What is really suprising is Sony....

tedolf wrote:

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doing so poorly. u 4/3 has half the market and Sony less than 20%!?

Sony's brand name is huge in Japan, bigger than Nikon.

At less than 20% market penetration, I think the Sony brass may pull the plug on NEX.

I guess the Memory Stick and Betamax wont be so lonely anymore.


Love the way you think.

At 21.4 % panasonic is doing great but at 18.4% sony is doomed. By your logic panasonic is also almost doomed because it is just a percent above 20.

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Panasonic and Oly are essentially the same company when it comes to u 4/3.

you are deluded if you believe it.

Why do you think the never make a competing product?

Like for example when Oly made OM-D , panasonice never made gh3 to compete with it.

GH-3 does not compete with the OM-d.

They appeal to very different consumers.

Every camera compete with another one. For those who bought into m43 , if there was no OMD then they might have bought GH3, same if OMD wasn't there then GH3 was the option. So yes they compete with one another.

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::> Knowledge is mother of efficiency.

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