Simple RAW processing - OK?

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Re: Simple RAW processing - OK?

Rens wrote:

Detail Man wrote:

Evidently, the OP does not have the final release of ACR 6.7 (which does support E-M5 ORF RAWs, and runs on PS 5.x). It is the only version of ACR for which that is the case. Download it here:



Problem solved, then. No Adobe DNG Converter required ...

This sounds a much neater soloution than a dedicated to put files into before converting. I'll check it out.

In the meantime, apart from any inconvenience, am I losing IQ by opening in Olympus viewer 2 and saving as TIFFs?

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I don't 'think' so..and you probably are getting fairly accurate color, since some raw converters have quite a variance in that regard...or at least 'had' the last time I tested a few basic ones. But it's a lot easier to open them in PS with the latest ACR if you can, which it looks like you can.

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