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Etherguy wrote:

The wife picked me up a 7d for christmas (guess I have been a good elf). Trying to decide if I should keep it or see whats coming in Feb. I am currently shooting with a 30d and have some decent glass.

Are there any major shortcomings of the 7d? I remember reading of focus issues a year or so ago but not sure if they were fixed in firmware.

So any suggestions or recommendations?

If you keep it is a good camera, do not worry about focus issues. I shoot sports all the time with it and have a high rate of keepers, User error with too slow of shutter speed in a dimly lit stadium is usually why an image is "soft" and goes into the bit bucket, not the camera.

The new camera will probably be that much better and you already have a camera that works.

You have the luxury of waiting and I would wait, then decide if the new camera is worth the extra price.

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