A quick stateside GH3 delivery

Started Dec 31, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: A quick stateside GH3 delivery

I've just tended to preorder/order at lesser known but very reputable local retailers.  Lucky for me, Unique Photo is near me and it seems to get stuff just like Adorama/BH but less of a waiting list.  In addition, the store front has a different waiting list than the online site.  Got my GH2 at another store when it was sold out for months elsewhere.  Got the 20mm (when there was a shortage) just by ordering it at unique photo.  Got the GH3 during the first week of December by putting my name on a list a month before its release.  Mind you, in all of these instances I didn't have to put money down.  I almost bought a D800 when it first came out and they said, the wait time was about 2 weeks if I just put my name on a list (that was at a place called Bergen County Camera).

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