jealous of the fuji xf lens line up

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Re: jealous of the fuji xf lens line up

If I'd bought the Fuji, I would be jealous of Sony's SEL24. I'd also be very jealous of the various MF amenities and the way the NEXs work so smoothly with legacy lenses.

Speaking of which, there's all kinds of adapted macro options out there in the 50-60mm range, most of them among the very best performers from their makers' lineups, most quite a bit less than $650. (Heck, I just got a Leica 60mm macro for under $500. The thing handles like a Rolls Royce, though I have yet to spot any optical improvement over my old Micro-Nikkor 55/3.5 which can be easily had on eBay for well under $100.) True, those don't provide AF but from the user reviews I've read, that's not the Fuji macro's greatest attribute. (For close-up still life I actually prefer MF).

Don't get me wrong - as an enthusiast I do envy certain aspects of Fuji's approach. But last May when I bought in, for my needs it was absolutely no contest for Sony. While Fuji has fixed firmware bugs and rolled out an EVF body, Sony has expanded their lineup nicely, with some exciting prospects for next year. So I'm still perfectly happy, right where I am. (But that's just me...)

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