A breather and Perspective ( A bit OT )

Started Dec 22, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Some interesting numbers

Hi Col

You've made some pretty fine points and theres been some interesting comments made through out the thread so I'm glad you took the time to make the original post.

Right now nobody knows what Oly are up to with regards to FT and what happens next to any E-X successor and that latest was another "pigs ear of a marketing attempt".

Supposing the E-7 is a hybrid cam (what does that acutally refer to ?) and gets priced at say $1700-2000 and then needs an special adapter to use FT lenses at say approx $200-500, bringing the price up to say a $1900-$2500. Do you bite the bullet and take the risk that the whole setup will work well with the HG/SHGs ?

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