Canon Sells More DSLRs Than Anyone Else in 2012

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Re: Canon Sells More DSLRs Than Anyone Else in 2012

Vivid1 wrote:

Note these figures are for all interchangeable lens cameras including MILC for which Canon only holds about 2% market share. For DSLR, Canon seems to hold a commanding 52% share, mainly it seems due to a very high market share for the EOS Kiss x5 model. Interesting to see that 5dmkiii actually outselling d800 in Japan in spite fo the very vocal fanbase on this forum.

(Also see post: which was based on this article: )

(I suppose the demise of Canon has been greatly exagerated by many here )

I agree.  I think Canon is outselling other companies because of the kiss models - basically the rebel series.  Heck, my sister bought her first dslr this year and it was a t3i.  I have a 7d and I think she saw all the nice pictures that I took and she wanted something "comparable" for her.

I think canon has to be careful.  My next camera will be full frame w/ excellent video and it may OR MAY NOT be canon.  I think people like me (serious amateurs), I think people like me have a lot of sway in the public market place.  If I was using Nikon, my sister would have picked Nikon.  Actually, I have a couple of friends; they are also looking for cameras and they do notice the type of equipment that I have.

In other words, as more "serious amateurs" start moving to other companies, they bring with them the masses.  If canon starts to lose the "serious amateurs", they will also lose the lower market where a lot of money is made.

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