Questions about cameras??

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Re: Questions about cameras??

Happy new year!

Gotta admit I'm not the best to suggest on any point and shoot, I think the latest galaxy camera is cool but just not sure how it works out on pic quality... anyway I'll try leaning the suggestions towards mirrorless coz that's the current samsung flagship. The features you mentioned esp Wi Fi means the latest gen of cameras along the range of NX20, NX210...

However I'm kinda puzzled of your "good photos in low light", if you mean high ISO's, some of my NX photos are keepers at ISO1600 but never beyond that... unfortunately any higher ISO's to be of a worthy quality, full frame is the only option... if you're talking about focusing in low light, I guess this is quite a weakness of the contrast detect focus system in the NX lines of camera...

As for long zoom to catch a snapshot at a huge open soccer field from the sides, the longest zoom available for Samsung NX is 200mm (approx full frame equivalent of 300mm), at the focal length, depending on where you are, you may best capture a nice shot of her when she's about quarter a field closest to you, but you mentioned "across the field" which means this should be a further range beyond 300mm or 400mm then you may need to go for dslr like a cropped 7D (or its Nikon or sony DSLR equivalent) for the best in action photography and maximizing the focal length of a cropped sensor...

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