Gray Market Lens Repair, Serial Numbers, etc.

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jakell2010 wrote:


Your bold assertion that you can get a gray market item (not under warranty) fixed by Nikon USA is not correct according to Nikon USA. I just spent 30 minutes on the phone speaking with a Nikon USA service rep. She told me that Nikon USA will not "normally" service or repair a gray market item even if it's out of warranty and you, the owner, is willing to pay for it. The rep was speaking only for USA Nikon's Melville and LA Service centers. I don't know yet what an authorized Nikon Service Center that's a separate, stand-alone company would say.

I was told that you could call Nikon USA and give them a serial number of an item, e.g., a lens, and they can determine (from a database) whether the lens is Nikon USA, gray market or has been reported (to Nikon as stolen). Unfortunately, there is no way that you, as a Nikkor product owner, can get this info directly yourself by going to their web site. Too bad.

Now, to confuse the issue ..... what she meant by saying "normally" is unclear to me. Perhaps a legitimate owner of a lens bought in the EU who's in the US for a period of time can get something fixed as a courtesy rather than not be able to use something until you're back home in the EU. But that's only my personal guess about this one point.

Don't kill the messenger, folks. What I've stated here is only what I was told and I am sharing it with you.

What seems to be clear to me is if you're going to buy a used Nikkor lens, you'd be wise to make sure you get some kind of legitimate paperwork from the seller that documents that the lens is not gray market. >> Jim

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