(T4i + kit lens) or G1X or G15

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Re: (T4i + kit lens) or G1X or G15

Jim wrote:

Einst Stein wrote:

If I were to choose an handy camera to complement a DSLR, I'd choose Fujifilm X100, or better yet, wait for X200 when it has 1920x1080 movie or wait for RX1 to drop the price to comparable to X100 (unlikely though).

Yes, the X100 is a nice camera as well. Each of the manufacturers offers products that will do the job with one emphasizing one are while others emphasize other areas. I also own an Olympus XZ-1 which is a fun camera as well. There are certainly lots to choose from. And if it's a particular feature that's being sought, it's nothing that money can't fix.


Not really. My dreamed handy camera is the Leica X3 that has optical range finder, (Leica  grade, not just a tunnel like the x100) and 3840x2160 movie. You cannot buy it with any money.

you need money and time and luck.

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