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Re: RX100 Video Formats

T. L. Rutter wrote:

I kind of have the same questions as you! I recently purchased the RX100 and would like to use it for videos as well. However, the video modes are confusing!

The 50i 24 Mbs - is that frames per second? I was under the impression this camera could do 60 frames per second.

Which is the best mode overall? Is progressive better than interlaced?

Anyone have any insights? I have poured through this forum and the instruction manual to no avail.

"50i 24 Mbs" is 50 frames of interlaced video being recorded at 24 mega bits per second.  Interlaced is a bandwidth conservation tool invented when broadcast TV was invented.  Only half of each frame is displayed in alternating lines.  The next frame fills in the missing part.

Half the world uses 50 and the other half uses 60.  Again, it relates to standards developed when TV was invented and matches the cycles in AC current.  You have to live in the USA or Japan to get 60 frames per second from your RX100.  No, one is not better than the other.

Generally, most videographers want to shoot in the mode that captures the most data that makes the biggest files.  Most video clips are painful to watch without some editing.  Editing software will take the vidoegraper's best clips and, depending on the intended viewing method, will "render away" a lot of the data in the original clip.  In other words, if the target viewer is expected to watch the video on an iPhone connected to YouTube, the rendering choice is much different than if the target viewer is expected to watch the video on a "60 inch TV.

Video editing software likes to see consistent formats.  So, you want to pick one and stick with it.

If there is a limitation with the PS mode, it is that some computers and software can choke on it because of the files size.  The software that comes with the RX100 is pretty good at basic editing and runs pretty well on most PC computers.  Keeping it basic helps the file handling on weaker computers.

To summarize, my version of "insight" is to use the PS mode all the time.  If you don't have the computer or software to handle it, plan on getting it someday.

My favorite editing software is the $90 Adobe Premier Elements 11.  It is full of both simple and complex tools, runs on both Macs and PCs, supports the 1080p60/50 AVCHD files produced in the PS mode and lets you get the most out of any video clips you shoot.

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