Sony hot shoe adapter?

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Re: Sony hot shoe adapter?

I'll give a short summary of where the world was a few years ago when I bought my flash.

The critical things are:

  • Full manual control
  • Working TTL
  • Head that tilts and preferably pivots


  • Good zoom range
  • Good amount of power
  • Remote operation
  • Reasonably fast cycle speed
  • Quiet operation (no whine)
  • Reliable
  • Extras (back curtain, etc.)

Working TTL is funny, since it means the camera and the flash communicate to each other through the right standard. You lose it when you have any kinds of adapters, or in some cases, even old flashes/new cameras or vica-versa. There are also many ways to do it wrong. When you factored that in, you had basically five options:

  • New Sony flash
  • Used recent Minolta or Sony flash (most Minolta don't work; 5600HS does)
  • Sigma
  • Nissin
  • Metz

Aside from that, you always ran into significant problems. Things may have improved with some of the other brands since.

I have a 5600HS (same as Sony 56), and I'm very happy with it. I think I would have been unhappy with anything cheaper, and ended up paying twice to upgrade.

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