New Fujifilm Superzooms in CES 2013 ?

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Re: New Fujifilm Superzooms in CES 2013 ?

Trevor G wrote:

isb_deep wrote:

Came across this in the morning and quoting from Photorumors:

3 superzooms: HS35 (replacement for HS25), HS40 (HS30 replacement) and XS-2 ? The picture looks like a XS-1 with a 42x zoom lens. That would be mighty impressive if that is the case.

Wouldn't you be more impressed if it had a constant f2.8 lens that was sharp at both ends, even if it just went from 24 to 600?

I know I would be.

Sheer zoom capability is not worth much without the corresponding image quality.

Or have you never looked at what a good lens on a DSLR will do?

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Trevor G
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I would take the constant zoom, sure, no questions asked, of course. However, I am hoping it is the XS-1 sensor coupled with the 42x zoom lens. I don't really care about the massive zoom range, that has it own pros and cons which have been debated endlessly.

I would be happy with a larger sensor or a constant lens, either would be welcome. The former already exists in the Fujifilm lineup in the XS-1 but the latter is something they are yet to come up with (I had the FZ200 for a little while but I returned it as I couldn't live with the the lack of manual zooming) Let's see what CES brings. Not that I intend to switch from the HS30 anytime soon.

P.s. Yes, I have looked at what a good lens on a DSLR does, I have both, in my opinion. But the topic of discussion was superzooms so why bring the DSLRs in. Different discussion altogether.

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