Gray Market Lens Repair, Serial Numbers, etc.

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OP reconfirms inquiry ...

bravozulu wrote:

a) here's why Nikon (here) won't work on Graymarket. Nikon-USA is not Nikon (the company) but an independent company. They don't want to support merchandise if they weren't in the supply pipeline to sell it. Doesn't that make sense. I would expect a foreign traveler here temporarily would have no problem.

b) warranty is not transferrable. but we weren't talking about warranty, were we? Just outright repair for which the owner is willing to pay.

THUNDEROUS APPLAUSE ... a few of you who have responded actually seem to understand my original inquiry which is if I buy a USED lens that is gray market (knowingly or unknowingly - since maybe the seller does not have something like a B&H receipt), can I get a Nikkor lens or unknown origin (assuming it's not stolen goods) serviced at my expense SOMEPLACE in the continental USA?

And while I am thinking about it, I wonder whether used Nikkor lens that one buys from B&H (and I've bought used lens there before) were originally marketed as Nikon USA lens? So, if a used Nikkor I buy from B&H needs repairs after any B&H warranty on used gear expires, what can I do?

The more I talk about this, the less I understand. Maybe I'll just buy a $99 pink, point and shoot Canon ELF and call it a day.

By the way, Happy New Year to those of you overseas and in the EU, but this thread is about trying to figure out Nikon USA which no one seems to know what to expect from these clowns. What you EU folks can and cannot do is irrelevant to this discussion. Don't take offense.

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