SX50--Bird Zoom, etc.

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Ezra R Senior Member • Posts: 2,275
Zoom Addicts anonymous! :)

I gotta admit, as a fellow zoom addict, I took another gander of your shot and really like it. The photographic aesthetics are just OK, but the potential for the 1200mm zoom ith decent image output is so good.

I used to have an E-M5 and 75-300 lens, which acted as a 150-600mm lens on the m/43 sensor. Here is an example at the wide end, and then the tele zoom end. Now, with the SX50, this can be even closer... Long live crazy zooms.

I will add though that the larger sensors do have the egde in terms of quality output, though Canon is making their megazooms beter each year...

Click image for larger...

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