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Xtrafolio vs Portfolio for iPad

Lou and Penfan,

I borrowed an ipad last year to make a pitch to a new client who insisted on viewing my photos on a tablet, and I installed "Portfolio for iPad'. Not too bad, it was pretty quick to install and organise photos, and I could brand it. I didn't push the software too much, just organised a series of topical folders and had my logo in key places.

I received a 64GB iPad Mini for Christmas year (loving the smaller size, easily hand-held) and I went on a long hunt for the definitive portfolio app. I was swayed by a comparative review to purchase "Xtrafolio", which was pretty costly (for an app).

It purports to be highly customisable, which is a real plus, but I find myself increasingly frustrated by how poorly designed the interface is (I use to consult on usability, once upon a time, and badly designed software interfaces are a real bugbear of mine). I need to point out that I have no problem with complexity, as it usually corresponds with power (when the app is well designed), but in this case, the app looks like it was put together piecemeal as the the developer came up with new ideas, and it has very little internal logic (this is imho, of course).

I'm bearing down and accepting the fact that I have to conform to the software's way of working, illogical as is is. Quite frankly, it's been moved in to my iPad's "maybe delete" folder and, if I can't become comfortable with it, I'll delete it and get the much better designed "Portfolio for iPad" instead (sadly, I'll be paying for it again, as I made the mistake of buying it using the loaner iPad's account).

Hope this helps!


PenFan2011 wrote:

Well, there are a few out there, and they all have strengths and weaknesses. I know in the pro market a big thing is to have something with your branding all over it. The one I have does not do that.

I have one simply called " Portfolio for iPad" (Google it, second link, about $12.99).

It does say 'portfolio' as it launches. As far as I know you can't cancel that.

You can create custom graphics for the navigation screen, listed albums and folders on the left, and a picture of your choosing or creation on the right.

You can enter a editing mode, and make certain folders hidden, useful if you have more than one subject matter on your iPad (i.e. Boudoir and Wedding clients don't need to see the same folders lol).

You can also password protect an album/folder if it is not hidden.

You can choose a representative picture for each Album/Folder.

Several import options are supported, including a direct import from the computer if you have a Mac.

All around a fairly flexible setup, but not completely customize-able or fully 'brand-able', but well supported by the company. I welcome other users of other software to chime in. It's hard to gauge apps by a few pictures and reviews .

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