Samsung EX2/EX2F - picture quality

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Re: Samsung EX2/EX2F - picture quality

Ysarex wrote:

We've been through this here already. I owned two EX1 cameras (one stolen and a new purchased to replace it). I'm very pleased with the EX2 which is an incremental improvement in every regard and that includes IQ.

As for concerns about the Ex2's software and other NX diseases I wouldn't know. I bought the camera for it's lens, it's size and because it saves raw files. I use it's meter and various exposure control options and take still photos which I capture only as raw files. If the camera does anything else I could care less. I do love the articulated screen.

To see some EX1/EX2 comparison photos:

I've looked at the other thread already, and I think it's safe to say that EX2 isn't a step backward from EX1 in terms of image quality. It does not seem to be a noticeable step forward either, except possibly in terms of higher acceptable ISO, which really doesn't affect the sort of shooting I do with the EX1 one way or the other. If I didn't already have an EX1 the EX2 would probably be the camera to buy, since the only compact cam out there offering significantly better IQ is the Sony RX100, which is simply too narrow for me at 28mm - and I confess I would love to have the drop in nd filter and f1.4. But I feel these aren't really enough to justify an upgrade at this point, at least not for me.

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