A breather and Perspective ( A bit OT )

Started Dec 22, 2012 | Discussions thread
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It's the long term effect...

Right now, mirrorless seems to be growing at the expense of the low end dslr's.

And therein lies the long term effect, because it's those low end dslr's that are C/N's big cash cow, their most profitable lines, due largely to volume of sales.

As C/N lose sales on the low end, they lose a big chunk of R&D funding, while advanced mirrorless picks up speed and uses the profits to further close the gap. The size gap, on the other hand, is not closing.

In fact, DSLR's are hitting a bit of a plateau, we're already seeing less increases in capability over last year's model, or the year before. There is only one area where a dslr can still see dramatic improvement, and that is size. Hence, the rising popularity of the micro/mirrorless system, the same capability in a much smaller package.

No, the DSLR is not dead, won't be dead for a while, might not every be dead (but we didn't think we'd see film die, certainly not as quickly as it did). However, the dslr's development is slowing, while advanced micro systems are picking up speed.

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