Canon 6D: Why is the interface so badly broken?

Started Dec 30, 2012 | Discussions thread
Richard Veteran Member • Posts: 4,858
I know this is a hard answer but..

Jason Rickerby wrote:

Background - I got my first dSLR in September 2004, the Canon 20D. I then upgraded to the Canon 40D. I have a couple of L series lenses, a 580EX, 430EX, battery grip, timer remote, etc., so I'm reasonably invested in the EOS system.

I am 6 days away from picking up a Canon 6D, however I am having real difficulties getting past the fact that from a user interface perspective, it is a broken camera.

Be patient, take some time to save up your money and buy what you really want. The 5d3s can be found for a pretty good price. Canon just produced this camera, they are not going to upgrade it soon and it sounds like to me you will not be happy with it. I would rather spend 3k on a camera I am going to be happy with than $2100 for a camera I think the interface is broken or unusable.

That being said, I have never met an interface that was all by itself that was worth 1k dollars more, I would probably  work around it. The problem for me there are other missing features that make this camera not on my list.

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