Canon 7D with 100-400mm IS lens

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Re: Canon 7D with 100-400mm IS lens

dave vichich wrote:

I'm on my 2nd 7D, my results with this lens is mixed. More times than not, my photos just lack sharpness. So now everyone can tell me that I don't know how to use this camera and so on. I hope your results will be better than mine.

BTW, this is the only lens that I have had this trouble with on this camera. At first, I thought maybe the problem was with the lens, so I tried it on my T3i and my 5DMKII, it works like a champ on those cameras.

I have used a Canon 300 F2.8is with and without tc's and a Sigma 120-300 f2.8os and have gotten great results using them.


I have the same experience with the 7D + 100-400 combo. That combo has not proven to be very reliable when it comes to focus. At least not at the long end of the focal range. My old 40D and even the analog 50e did much better. The 6D I had with Xmas handled it perfectly with not a single picture OOF.

MFA does not help here and it is also not users error (though I say it myself).

Regards, Sandor.

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