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Re: 7d or wait?

Clem Nichols wrote:

I've been shooting with a 7D for over three years now, and am eagerly awaiting the announcement of its successor for one reason only: an improved sensor and processor(s). This is not to suggest that there's anything inherently wrong with the present ones, however. It simply has to do with the fact that I shoot a lot of high school basketball, and many gyms, particularly my grandson's home court, are poorly lit. Unless you anticipate shooting action scenes in low light venues, my guess is that the current iteration of the 7D is probably all you need. The only thing better right now, in my opinion, is a full frame model.

The Mark II, or whatever it will be called, will probably have other gimmicks such as GPS, WiFi, and possibly even a tilting LCD to help promote sales, but these have nothing to do with the camera's basic function which is to produce high quality images. My hope is that the new model will provide one to two extra stops of low light usability. If it doesn't, then I'll simply keep what I have, although that seems very unlikely. The economic advantages have already been pointed out by another poster, so I won't repeat them although they are quite significant.

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Since you brought it up... how well does it do in low light.  I too will be shooting a lot of indoor (gym) type shots.  I would have to imagine it will do night and day better then the 30d.

I think my biggest fear is this camera is going on its 4th year of production, I know it is an upgrade from my 30d but it will tick me off if the Mark II version is lightyears ahead of the original and the competition for that matter.

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