Integrate a UV filter into your DA 21mm 3.2 LTD

Started Dec 29, 2012 | Discussions thread
Tyler Monson Senior Member • Posts: 1,462
Another Approach

My DA21 lens has been my daily companion since 2007—first on a K10, then K20, now K-5. Either around-my-neck, over-my-shoulder, or loose in the bag, I don't use any filter, but either the stock lens shade or, in foul weather, a 49-to-58mm step-up ring with an old Pentax 'normal' lens shade.

That shade (with step-up ring) is one-inch deep and I have no problem with vignetting.

Among the joys of the DA21 lens is the small diameter of the front element and its rather deep mounting. Both obviate the need for any protective (UV) filter, in my book (and, in the way-back, all of my Hasselblad lenses had OEM UV filters mounted).



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