Simple RAW processing - OK?

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Re: Simple RAW processing - OK?

jcharity wrote:

tom60634 wrote:

Rens wrote:

I have access to PhotoShop CS5.1, which doesn't recognise RAW files from my OMD E-M5.

I've been opening them in Olympus Viewer 2, checking white balance, saving them as TIFF files, and then opening in PS.

It's my understanding I'm not losing data this way so PS has full information to work with, is this correct?

And bearing in mind I'm not drastically altering images in PS, is this a reasonable way to go about processing Olumpus ORF files from the OMD?

Any advice welcome.

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I shoot raw with the OMD E-M5.

I keep a version of PhotoShop CS5 on my computer.

I just opened various raw ORF files taken with my OMD E-M5 with no problems whatsever.

I agree with you. I have both CS5 and CS6. Both work just fine on my .ORF files. I have an OM-D. I really don't know why a few are having problems?

Evidently, the OP does not have the final release of ACR 6.7 (which does support E-M5 ORF RAWs, and runs on PS 5.x). It is the only version of ACR for which that is the case. Download it here:



Problem solved, then. No Adobe DNG Converter required ...

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