Is Renting a Lens Okay?

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Re: Is Renting a Lens Okay?

rpm40 wrote:

As long as you are legitimately interested in purchasing the product, I don't see anything wrong with just buying it from a place with a decent return policy. If you like it, great, it you don't, return it. Either way, you'll save the rental fee. There are people out there who abuse return policies, constantly buying and returning many items just to play with them or use them for free, but there's nothing wrong with doing it once if you're honestly interested in keeping the item.

If you feel bad about returning items, you could always buy one used, and if you don't like it, resell it. You should be able to sell it for about the same price you paid, as long as you get a decent price. Then, all you lose is the cost of shipping.

Thanks for all the replies.

I thought pretty much all stores that sell basically anything don't accept returns on opened items. I mean, can I just be like "Oh, I didn't like it."?

I didn't mention it before but the site I looked at was as some of you said you have used. Any other website I looked at did not have m4/3 except for borrowlenses, which only has the 25mm Nokton, and someone already mentioned they don't have a good policy. It was more expensive anyways. I may go ahead and rent one sometime in the near future. I'll have to find a good time to rent so I actually have time to use it.

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