If Sigma had a mirrorless camera (CSC) ... pros/cons

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Re: If Sigma had a mirrorless camera (CSC) ... pros/cons

Laurence Matson wrote:

Sigma's delay has always been due to the OVF, which on virtually all cameras are practically useless save for framing. If they can find a way to cram sufficient resolution into that screen and figure out how to light the thing and not have it look like a 1950s space-invaders movie set, then it might happen. In the last year or two, there have been some interesting third-party developments in this field.

Personally, I love the OVF. It really is the only way to see what's actually in front of the camera. A viewfinder like the one in a SLR or a good range-finder with a display at the bottom is all I want for framing my shots. So long as it's sharp and clear and accurately displays my subject in real time, it's enough. The way I look at it; I'd rather wear glasses that be forced to look through an EVF.

I've shot many weddings on cameras that have live view and I've never once used it to frame a shot. This does not mean that LV doesn't have its place. It's perfect for product work and as an aid to critical focus. To tell the truth, I'd probably be just as happy with a ground glass focusing screen and a magnifier.

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