Not as sharp as expected

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Re: Not as sharp as expected

yellodog wrote:

Since no one else has mentioned it the DOF is fairly limited because the aperture is set to 2.8 so the middle wall looks sharper than areas around the edges. If you do try it again with a tripod, try f 8.0.

Have you tried f8 ?

Film user new to digital (or new to small sensoered digital P&S ?

I ask because f8 would introduce much diffraction and a softer image.....quite the opposite if using film and a SLR.....there f8 would give sharper results than f2.8

But these sensors are so much smaller than 35mm the DOF becomes  huge !

One of the reasons they dont give you smaller apertures  than f8 on any of these small sensored camera's.

F2.8 on this FZ200 is closer to f11 on a 35mm  (or Full Frame D-SLR) as far as f2.8 is fine for this shot,IMHO

f8 would soften the detail....not something the OP wants to do.

I think he wants more sharpness....not less, and recommending f8 would give less detail...not more

Welcome to small sensored digital camera's...where the DOF is huge !

We need to use the FZ200 at the telephoto end 400mm +,   to begin  give us shallow DOF at f2.8.

DOF is too deep sometimes, with these camera's.


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