Let's talk about the rgb sensitivity in raw.

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Mark Scott Abeln
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Best practices?

As a working photographer, producing photographs for publication, I find this discussion fascinating but also frustrating.

For a long time, I’ve understood that my methods of post processing are often crude and ad hoc, and I have to rely too much on my images simply looking good and not really knowing that they are good. That is perilous since if I am quickly preparing a couple hundred of photos for print, in my haste I may make mistakes which I may not notice.

I often strongly manipulate my images, changing white balance severely, greatly changing tonality, blending together multiple images and so forth. Some problems I notice are color shifts (red to orange or blue to purple) as well as inconsistent saturation — shadows may become highly saturated while highlights are not.

  • What are the best practices for preserving color in image processing?
  • What software uses the best algorithms for preserving color, especially under severe manipulation?
  • Is there any good recent and understandable information on the human response to light, especially considering perceived white balance?
  • What software does the most accurate white balance?
  • What are the best practices and software for getting accurate enough color from the camera?
  • What methods allow for visually accurate saturation changes?
  • Any suggestions for getting accurate color in HDR or exposure blending?

I currently shoot RAW, use Photoshop CS5, and color calibrate my equipment, but I am open to other tools.

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