D800 owners - what makes an acceptable second and smaller camera

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Re: D800 owners - what makes an acceptable second and smaller camera

HankK wrote:

I have been using my D800E for all purpose shooting -- landscape to environmental portraits to events to small business buildings. I am a non-professional but lifelong advanced hobbyist. I do have a Samsung NX20 kit as a second lighter kit and maybe it is the best thing for a second carry around camera but it is really only good to ISO400 and dynamic range is lacking. I do use flash in low light. I am a RAW shooter. I mostly print 8 x 10 and 11 x 17 inch format stuff.

I am trying the Fuji XE-1 but it is slow to focus and no decent RAW processing is available leaving me with something less then my Samsung NX20

I am beginning to believe that the D800E has spoiled me. I have tried making the D800E as light as possible with a 50mm f1.4g.

I would like to know what others are using for a second camera for non-landscape work.

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Hank K
Nikon D800E, Samsung NX20 (former RX100, 5DM2, GH2 Kit, and Fujifilm X100 shooter)

The Olympus OM_D is a nice wee beastie.  Photography becomes fun instead of a chore.  I had the XE-1 and it was a shame that Fuji mucked it up.

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A solution looking for a problem !

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