Landscape shooters - how to get near and far in focus. Question about DOF and diffraction

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Thanks for the info. I will read the reviews when they beccome availible. nt

Robin Casady wrote:

JP Scherrer wrote:

Hi !

Thanks for the work on cutting that piece of wood the same dimensions as my ruler and showinng the results !

I've been thinking for a long time about getting myself a 24mm PCE, but the price is frightening: ~200.- bucks !!! Ouch ! whenever I play with that kind of images, it's not to mke money, but only for the fun of it, so... I sould (will?) have to think hard and find a good excuse to buy that T&S lens !

Ohhhh well.... but I know myself well enough and I guess that within a few months, I won't be capable to resist !

Samyang/Rokinon should be releasing a 24mm T-S lens in a few months. Estimates on price put it at around $1,200. Probably wont have an automatic aperture like the PC-E, but will have a rotation between the tilt and shift. That will make it more versatile than the PC-E.

Robin Casady

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