Anyone own A99 and A77

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Re: Anyone own A99 and A77

Not shot with the A99 yet, second thoughts about the upgrade simply because of the hotshoe.

I shoot news and portraiture with the A77. Never really shoot high ISO as it's just not done I find.

A77 and HVLF56AM will blow five images off before you blink, all perfectly exposed.

A77 gets front pages and nationals with Royals, what more do you want.

Live-view in low light is mind-blowing, it's an image intensifier.

The red button for recording video is an ass if you knock the dioptre and try to readjust.
WTF were the designers thinking of. Cretinous beyond words.

Dynax 9 best film camera, ever. A700 pefect ergonomics and UI. Results to exbibition standard.
Built like a tank, weather-sealed, nothing can be said to demerit the perfection of it.

A77, blazing speed, great to work with, moronic UI/buttoms for two minor issues.

A99, necessitates two flash systems, or using an adapter whcih exposes the flash and camera to snapping or shearing.
Unusable in news reportage for this simple matter and the fragility of the connections.
Horrendously overpriced.

No camera is perfect, but general practice news photojournalism pretty much tells you what can cut it and what can't.

If you shoot anywhere aside from a studio or dry environment landscape photography, don't bother with the A99, you'll snap it before you've walked in a crowd with the flash attached, if you haven't bankrupted yourself with the body and GN60 flash anyway.

Get two A77's, fast wide and tele zooms, and a Sigma 30mm f1.4, extra batteries from Ebny, a couple of HVLF56-AM flashes, the grips to hold on the body and a copy of LR4.

That's about six grand US I reckon. Four grand to spare on a Dell Precision M6600 fully pimped, a Toshiba FlashAir card, some decent SDHC by Sandisk.

Don't bother with Macs, you'll get taxed for the stupidity of buying the apple logo, have inferior hardware to the Precision M6600 and also contribute to the suffering of Chinese workers who assemble Mac products.

I'm opinionated but I do what I do because it works, and I break stuff when I use it hard.



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