[need sugg] Second DSLR+Lens @ 2200$ - Canon 7D--Nikon D7000--Nikon D300s

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Philip Kendall
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Re: [need sugg] Second DSLR+Lens @ 2200$ - Canon 7D--Nikon D7000--Nikon D300s

Madhav wrote:

I am amateur photographer for the last five years.I have had Canon 500D + 18-55 and i love the camera.I have also tried LowLight and Timelapse photography with Nikon D300 + 50mm (i loaned this camera from a friend) and i love Nikon for its low light captures.

This seems a bit strange to me - at least according to DxOmark, there's no significant difference between the low-light abilities of the 500D and the D300. Seems to me more likely that the difference you're seeing is in the lens - 50mm f/1.8 is going to seem a more impressive in low light than f/3.5, and much more impressive than f/5.6. Even more so if the lens you borrowed was an f/1.4.

I recently won an Amazon gift card (2000$) in a photography contest and I looking forward to get a Mid level-pro camera that suits my interests.

What i looking for - Nature , Landscape , Low Light Slow Shutter (i love this) , TimeLapse

If low light is your primary interest, you should be looking full frame. A modern Canon crop camera will only be a bit better than your 500D (maybe 1/3 to 1/2 a stop); the D300s will be similar. The D7000 would be better than both, but still nowhere near as good as a full frame camera.

I am stuck with --- Canon 7D (1100$) -- Nikon D7000 (890$) ----- Nikon D300s (1600$)

Do suggest some good lens so that i can have a combo deal.

IMO, you need to be thinking lenses first and body second.

I have read all the pros and cons of all the cameras stated ,but please your personal experiences.

What are you finding limiting about your current body? (note this is a different question from what are you finding limiting about your current lens - adding the 17-55 f/2.8 and a couple of fast primes would make a world of difference to the low light ability of your 500D).

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