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Re: Taking everyone's advice and seeing early improvement... With a pic.

ammac12 wrote:

So here is a family shot. What I'm noticing is the further away from center of focus (my father - man in red sweater) you get, the picture becomes more noisy. Especially me (guy in red shirt). Another indoor/outdoor shot. Lots of overhead lighting, mixed with overcast outdoor lighting. I was mounted on a tripod and using my built in flash. I am quickly realizing the limited capability of the onboard flash system. The back row could use more light, but my flash isn't quite getting it done. To my left shoulder is an area where there is no immediate outdoor screened wall, so that may be why there is more shadow on my side.

All in all, not a bad photo of my family. Question is, why does the noise level increase the further you get from center of focus? How do I overcome that issue? And, when I zoom into the picture, everyone's pupil is shinning from the flash. Is that simply an issue related to direct flash vs. bouncing off the ceiling?

Thanks again for all the help.


In addition to the issue of less light in the back due to the flash, the edge of the image also gets less light due to lens vignetting (another normal issue).  If you have automatic peripheral illumination correction on, or if you did it manually later in the computer, what this does is increase the brightness at the edge of image to compensative for the vignetting (darkening at edge). However, since the edge is less exposed compared to the center, by boosting the brightness at the periphery, you also increase the noise there.

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