HS30 First impressions.

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Re: HS30 First impressions.

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Sorry been away, everyone seems to be going skiing so I'm too and frowning the Airport.

I've said before in Joms threads that I have tried lots of HS30's out in the shops but they're always fixed down with an anti theft chord you don't really get the feel for them. ALL the ones I've tried feel the same as this one so I'm guessing the fanboys are just sticking up for their camera.

Here's a short video that might show what I'm talking about. It would have been more helpful if I had some more 50g pouches though, I only have 5 giving a total of 250g.



Oh my. That does look nasty.

Really? I beg to disagree. I've tried pushing down on extended lenses (HS10, HS20EXF, S100fs and S200EXR) using only light pressure using one finger, and no weight from additional pouches. I didn't measure the necessary force needed to collapse the lens barrel, but its pretty clear that only the lightest touch is needed to push down the S100 and S200 barrels. Once they get started, there's virtually no resistance at all. The HS10 and HS20EXR require more pressure, which in my estimation is from 2 to 3 times more force than what is needed for the S100 and S200EXR. I doubt that the HS30EXR is much different than the HS20EXR or the HS10. Anyway, what's wrong with a lens barrel that won't collapse under its own weight, or even after adding several of Paul's pouches? Lens creep is only a problem if the lens zooms by its own weight to another focal length while using or holding it, and if it doesn't creep when it's held vertically (the worst case orientation), this is just a problem for those gullible enough to swallow the bait from someone engaging in childish character camera assassination.

I'm surprised that you bit and were reeled in, and anyone that knows me knows that I'm no HS30EXR fanboy.

I was just noticing that with pressure applied the zoom 'collapsed' at a rather jerky rate. Whether the force needed was heavy or light, I would hope that it would be steady. Unless, perhaps, there are different things going on INSIDE the lens along the way (lens elements moving differently than just collapsing) and that would affect how much it moves based on force applied. I didn't consider that, if it's a possibility. If it's just a straight 'collapse' as it zooms, it looks like the movement is uneven.

Having once owned what someone recently called an "archaic piece of junk" and a "dinosaur" (my old Panny FZ50) I guess I'm spoiled. I thought ALL superzooms should be silky smooth.

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