Disappointed with PowerShot SX230

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PowerShot SX230 Settings

Taltul wrote:

I've always been a Canon photographer (30 years) but I am very disappointed with the SX230. I bought the camera a year and a half ago and no matter what I try (changing settings, modes etc...), the photos do not come out sharp and the colors are flat. Surprisingly the videos are top quality - bright and sharp. I really don't understand. My previous digital camera which I bought in 2006 was also a point and shoot (don't remember the model) and I only got high quality sharp photos and prints - even when I made enlargements. People were always surprised that I only used a p and s camera
I read up about the different cameras before I bought this one and the camera got good reviews. Maybe my settings are off? Can anyone give me advice? If it's a lost cause and I bought a lemon, what p and s camera would you recommend (before I look to other companies)?


I picked up the SX230 a few months ago, played with it for a few weeks, then gave it to my mom for a trip to Europe. Colors and AF seemed to be quite good. And the photos from Europe came out fine.

One thing I didn't like was the full Auto shooting mode, too much control of settings gets lost and the AF was just too busy trying to figure out where to lock on in a scene. Switching to Program AE was a much better choice for me. Another downside to using Auto is the ISO will ramp up quite a bit in low light which will have an impact on image quality.

If you could post a few pictures it might make it easier for us to figure out what's going on. Canon cameras generally get high marks for colors but you can always bump the settings to taste. Have you tried the Vivid mode under My Colors?

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