Sample D3 and D800 images at 6400 ISO resized to the same size

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D800 easily beats D3 & D700 at iso 6400...

Roland Schulz wrote:

As always, the D3 clearly beats the D800 because of it´s more pronounced 3D effect. There is more depth on the D3 picture, the D800 is looking more flat. I easily see that in non magnified view. The D3 seems to show more shades, more nuances, simpy the better graduation. This leads to a greater depth.

From what I´ve seen till now D3 and D4 are the best cam´s around in this regard, even the very good EOS 1dx can´t hold that. The D4 has the edge over the D3 in high iso, at lower iso I sometimes would see the D3 in advance.

The effect comes out even stronger when viewed on hardware calibrated monitors that doesn´t affect the graduation as much as software calibrated monitors, where the graphic card limits the graduation because of the non linear gamma working at 8 bit.
The difference is also more present on prints that are done with 16bit ICC profiles.


TMHO just the opposite is true, resized to the same size, D800 images at iso 6400 look so much better than what I got out of my D3 and D700. I considered D700 images from iso 6400+ as "not useable" but I use iso 6400 with my D800 .
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