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Re: Calling all GH3 owners

ianbrown wrote:
I bought the GH3 about 4 weeks ago and I absolutely loved it, because it did everything I needed in a compact body so I bought the body with 12-35 and the 35-100 both superb.

I agree, the camera and lenses are a great combo.

BUT....... I just couldn't live with the EVF, so much so that I thought it was faulty and returned it.

I thought mine might be faulty too until I looked at other GH3s as well as other camera models.

I noticed all I can describe as smearing or tearing if I moved my eye away from dead centre of the EVF even the shooting info was smearing. So I went into my local camera shop and looked through the EVF of the G5, GH2 and Sony NEX and they were perfectly acceptable.

That wasn't my experience exactly. I looked at a Panasonic G5 and the Sony NEX-7 and A77 and they also had issues (to me at least). I found the G5 and NEX-7 had a similar narrow viewing "sweet spot" and if my eye moved off center slightly, they would distort and text would smear. The A77 didn't distort, but it turned a brownish color when viewed slightly off center. Again, all these cameras required my eye to be perfectly centered.

I want to be able to live with the EVF but yesterday I went into a Panasonic store and the GH3 displayed the same issues.

I think they are all the same. I also think that individual eyesight comes into play as well. I have astigmatism and wear glasses full time. As a result, I'm screwed either with my glasses on or off. With glasses on, I can't get my eye close enough to any viewfinder (OVF or EVF) to be able to see the entire image at once. With glasses removed, I cannot adjust the diopter to give me proper vision due to the astigmatism.

Can anyone give me some advise if you can adjust the EVF in any way to reduce this effect?

The diopter is really the only adjustment but does not affect the tearing or smearing etc.

Does it happen more when in low light?

Haven't noticed any difference in low light vs bright light.

How are you working around this issue?

I've just decided that this is how the GH3 is and have decided to keep mine since it's an awesome camera.

How does it compare with EVF's you have used before?

I haven't really had much experience with EVFs. My other camera is the FZ-150 and the viewfinder is horrible on it so I don't even use it.

I really want to buy this set up again as I don't think there is a better compact camarea with the ergonomics and selection of lenses.

I know some people have raised this as an issue but coming from an OVF is just looks unacceptable to me unless I am doing something wrong?

Again, I think its "just the way it is" with the EVF.  I think you'll find that every camera will have it's "issue" and none are perfect. Although mine has the off-center smearing or fish-bowl effect, I find that it is bright and detailed and it hasn't hampered my ability to take great shots.

I also put a video up on YouTube that shows what my EVF looks like:

In the end, the GH3 combined with the 12-35 and 35-100 is a great combo and take amazing pics. I really like the form factor and size of the camera along with all the physical buttons and controls. It has so many features that I've always wanted in a camera.

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