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Rbbra wrote:

harold1968 wrote:

Rbbra wrote:

Saw some nice B and W pictures here.

But I wonder: why with an MM? Any good camara (and some post processing) could do this. I think the MM is a marketing trick. I don't mind, as long as it helps Leica survive.

The M-E is a marketing trick and a bad one at that. Selling it a little less expensive than the M-9 as a "new" camera but with the same outdated sensor...Fooling people.

The new M is no marketing trick and should really help Leica further. It looks gorgeous, if you give me some money I will buy it...But I have already an Sony Nex 6 and that camera beats in 2012 already the M in 2013, most specs compared...

Shooting experience with the Nex 6 with Leica lenses is the same as with an M camera, as I can say from making many pictures with my M6 in the past. IQ will not be very different from the new M IQ, I expect. Who needs full frame with the IQ of the Nex 6 and other outstanding mirrorless camera's?

And better not saying anything about the ridiculous discrepancy in price... But if you already have a digital Leica, be happy with it and let's all make wonderful pictures...

You are dead wrong about the MM, you have obviously never used one or read even how the sensor works

You are dead wrong about the ME. It is a beautiful camera with state of the art clarity at base ISO and all the lovely Leica M workflow

Its basically an M9 with 25% off. More if you have a good dealer

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Rbbra: Hello Harold1968,

Indeed I did not have an MM in my hands.

But you're dead wrong, I read a lot on how the MM sensor works. Interesting stuff.

You're dead wrong about the ME. It's a beautiful camera with an outdated sensor.

Too bad, to put this sensor in an newlooking camera, that's why I called it a bad marketing trick. Too bad that Leica did not put the new sensor of the M 240 (that should be (far?) better) in the ME.

How can a marketing trick be a 25% lower price

its the same sensor in the S2, 645D and hassleblad

so still an excellent sensor

you know nothing about the MM. The B&W tonal range exceeds every other camera

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