Nikon 28mm f/1.8 G for Landscape?

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Re: Nikon 28mm f/1.8 G for Landscape?

kiirokurisu wrote:

fabgo wrote:

This lens has significant field curvature which makes it hard to get the edges and corners into sharp focus at infinity. This also affects the mid-field due to an oscillating field of focus. And of course it is a fixed focal length, and not a very wide one at that. Finally, I can not get this lens to focus properly using the edge/corner AF points on my D800 (probably the cameras fault). For all these reasons I hesitate to recommend this lens for landscape use.

I plan to stick with my 24-120 for landscapes. At f/8 I honestly can't tell much difference, and the zoom has the advantage of being able to go wider as well as longer.

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Interesting... I've read quite a number of reviewers talking about these issues, and I have to say I can't replicate any of these issues on my copy... maybe I just got a really good one. Especially the field curvature issue - I have plenty of landscape shots where the entire frame is in razor sharp focus, and I'm not doing any tricks to achieve this. I have occasionally noticed some softness mid-frame from that donut-shaped issue often reported, but not really in landscape shots.

I can't replicate these on my copy, either, even after making large prints to hang on the wall.

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