Depth of Field table for MFT

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Re: Depth of Field table for MFT

Detail Man wrote:

Serguei Palto wrote:

Below is a photo of my quick sheet, where I show how my formula is derived. Hope, it can be useful for you. In my formula, as you can see, the size of the circle of confusion is defined by diameter D. Of course, D should be scaled in accordance with the crop factor of a sensor as I have pointed.

Yes, Circle of Confusion diameter should be scaled in accordance with image-sensor dimensions.

Thank you for providing the above information, Serguei. Have a look at the derivations of the DOF identities that exist within Jeff Conrad's excellent "Depth of Field in Depth" paper found here:

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So, Serguei, have you tried subtracting Equation 6 (Near Focus Distance, Page 6) from Equation 7 (Far Focus Distance, Page 6) in Jeff Conrad's "Depth of Field in Depth" ? The result of doing so (and symbolically restating) yields the same factor of 2 multiplier that appears in Equation 22 (Total Depth of Field, Page 8). The identity that appears on the Wikipedia page:


approximates the same identity (but neglects Focal Length being subtracted from Object Distance).

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