Sony hot shoe adapter?

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Re: Sony hot shoe adapter?

Alphoid wrote:

That's not an automatic flash. That's a manual flash. My advice would be to pay a bit more, but get a lot more, and buy a used Sony F56AM or Minolta 5600HS(D). These can be found from reliable source for <$200.

Unless you're doing strictly studio shots where you never need automatic modes, at least having the ability to use TTL is very nice (TTL=Through The Lens metering -- the flash pre-flashes, and the camera uses that to precalculate exposure).

The 56/5600-series flashes were the nicest made for Minolta. There are features missing relative to newest, greatest Sony flashes (I forget which, but some hybrid not-fully-automatic-not-fully-manual modes don't work), but they work pretty well as either standard TTL (which you'd use at a party) and full manual (which you'd use at a studio).

Sure, I'm looking at TTL flashes and I've made the mistake of linking to a non-ttl one, but now take for instance this one:

YongNuo YN-468 II E-TTL

or this one:

Yongnuo TTL Flash Speedlite YN-465

Both of which are better reviewed and are cheaper then any of the Sony mount options on Amazon.
But I'd love some input from somebody who uses an adapter (either a cheap $9 one or the Sony $99 one) with a standard mount TTL flash without any problems or loss of functionality.

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