Trade in the 70-200 vr1 for f4; FX user

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Re: Trade in the 70-200 vr1 for f4; FX user

Jeff Loughlin wrote:

You'd have to pry the 70-200 f/2.8 out of my cold dead hands. I love that lens, and would never trade it for the f/4 version. The only advantage the f/4 offers is lighter weight, but that's not an issue for me. The newer VR system on the f/4 might be a little better, but I can't say I've ever missed a shot with my 2.8 that I could blame on the VR.

Jeff, have you tried the f/4? The new VR is flat out spectacular, and the f/4 is quite a bit sharper than the VR1. I never tried the newer VR2, but for my money, the VR1 is worth replacing with the new f/4.

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