Affordable macro for a77.

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Re: Affordable macro for a77.

Thank you all for your valuable input!
For now I have chosen to spend a grand total of $18 buying an extension tube, reverse mounting ring and 50mm f1.7 minolta lens.
I'm still waiting for a nice day outside to do some bug hunting to see how it will work out.
I also need to spend some time making a extension/diffuser for my on-camera flash, but I'm hopeful that I'll be able to get some great shots.
I've also bought a 28mm, but I don't have an extension ring for that one yet (the result using tape isn't all that good).
Mounting the 50mm reversed (with tape) on an old 80-200mm Soligor lens gets a nice result too, but it's hard to get it sharp.
Mounting the 50mm reversed (with tape) on my 55-300mm lens gets really up close and personal, but unfortunately when zooming in on the picture it's not all that sharp, it's really hard to get a good picture when the subject or the camera is moving the slightest bit and I do seem to need a lot of light to get an okay picture.
And finally, I've mounted the 50mm (with tape) on an old Focal 135mm f2.8mm with decent results though I've had some problems with the light reflecting.
Anyways... I've had a grand old time educating myself on cheap macro photography with your help and many online resources and I'm sure I've only just begun my education
Practically speaking I think you can see me mostly walking around with the 50mm reverse mounted on the macro extensions for most out door shooting, since it seemed to be the easiest to handle and focus, for closer shots I'd probably use a tripod with the 50mm reverse mounted on either the 135mm (since the 50mm aperture is the important one the f2.8 of the 135 might be important to let more light through) or the 80-200mm Soligor.
I'll post results of any outdoor shooting as soon as the weather allows me to crawl on hands and knees though my yard

Test shot using my reverse mounted 50mm on a set of extension tubes.

Test shot with my 50mm reverse mounted on my 80-200mm old Soligor

Up close and personal with the 50mm reverse mounted on my 55-300mm.

50mm reverse mounted on 135mm Focal.

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