GH3 electronic shutter mode

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Global shutter is not necessary.

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Fredrik Glckner wrote:

It is probably well known already that the electronic shutter mode of the GH3 produces heavy rolling shutter artefacts, much more than when using video. Using a LEGO Technic setup with a rotating propeller, I measured the speed of the rolling electronic shutter, and found that it takes about 1/10s to read the whole sensor.

This is consistent with what I read in an interview with some Panasonic engineers.

If you could use a flash during the electronic shutter mode, this would mean that the flash sync speed would have been 1/10s. Which is, of course, extremely poor. Which is why the flash cannot be used in this mode.

Read more details about my test here:

I still find the mode useful, and use it a lot.

...that electronic shutter is the future of mirror-less, and that sensor manufacturers will be putting a lot of effort into improving that speed to at least what the current mechanical shutters are capable of.

I agree that a global shutter is the holy grail for all mirrorless cameras, and I believe we'll see it in the next five years. It already exists in some higher end video cameras.

What the sensor manufacturers need to concentrate on is improving the readout times. It is not necessary to read all the sensor data all at once, only to match what is currently achievable with a mechanical shutter.

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