Nikkor Lens Recommendations Please.

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Re: Nikkor Lens Recommendations Please.

eajames wrote:

The new 28 1.8 is a great lens.

The current 50 1.8 is excellent and inexpensive.

People rave about the current 85 1.8.

These three prime total $1400 in the USA.

Enjoy your new camera!

Good suggestions, I don't see a good reason why the OP couldn't get large, high quality prints from any of the three on a D800.

I was at a retail store recently and they had Nikon, Canon and Sony display cases; each had their newest 'FX' offering on display along with a good selection of their latest lenses. I played with a D600 and the 28/1.8 together, sure seemed like a handy, relatively compact setup to me. A little different than the Internet horror stories I read about how how heavy, loud and expensive 35mm full frame digital is, in other words. Must go mirrorless (!) they say, keeps the size of their 14-400mm lens kit (that they carry everywhere??) down. After all, one never knows when a BIF opportunity is overhead during a portrait or landscape session...

I don't know how polished the DSLR (or DSLT) video is getting with the newer cameras. The only DSLR I have with that feature is a D90 (early technology and a little rough around the edges, to say the least). I'm sure it has improved quite a bit however and there is that new 70-200 f4 (with the latest and greatest VR) now available. One should be able to get some pretty decent short clips (handheld, even) I would guess. With a shallow enough depth of field that is next to impossible to achieve with the average camcorder, too.

I don't know why the D800 couldn't be a very good photography/video two-in-one tool (definitely excellent++ for still photography). I personally, however, would want to research (and test) the video side of things on a D800 myself if that was a big part of the intended usage. There are companies that rent both cameras and lenses as a suggestion.

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