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Re: Oh and BTW

LSHorwitz1 wrote:

Steve West wrote:

To me, having to put the flash EV at -1.3 is no biggie. It's just a number. I just re-calibrated myself with the A77 that -1.3 meant zero and I stopped worrying about it. But a huge TTL wireless delay simply cannot be overcome.

I came very close to moving to the Nikon D600 instead of the A99, but I still am glad I got the A99. The wireless delay will be dealt with by dropping the Minolta commander system and going 3rd party, but it seems like an unnecessary cost when I already have all the Minolta stuff.

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My Sony 58 flash had, particularly in bounce / indirect use, RANDOM variations as much as -4EV with no way of setting a fixed correction in advance. I would have been OK with a fixed and predictable / repeatable error. Random fluctuations entirely spoiled many shots and killed my confidence in using the a77 with Sony's best flash. Switching to Metz ultimately fixed the problem for me, but Sony has never taken any corrective action or acknowledged this problem in any way.


I've always shot with Metz flash so I didn't run into this with my sony A77. I haven't tried triggering the Metz as a slave to see if it has a delay.  Interesting problem that Gary Friendman describes and dmonstrates with his different cameras.

The lack of the ability to hook up my camera to a computer monitor for tethered shooting was really a surprise when I bought the A77.  That is a huge missing feature.

Overall---that A77 has worked out nicely, but looks as though I'll have to pick up an A99 if I want tetherd shooting in the studio. Love the Metz flash and my Sony A77 but this missing feature is needed.

Gary Mercer

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