Dual (D)SLR harness sytems - Do you have one you'd suggest?

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Re: Dual (D)SLR harness sytems - My experience and recommendations

Am a full time event/concert photographer.  I don't have experience with your system you are looking at, however, problem with a dual harness is that one of the camera bodies swing around. Also a lot of weight on shoulders for long events. My suggestion is to use one shoulder harness and a holster connected to your waist to lighten the load, especially for long events.

I have used the Black Rapid sport but after using it for a year I am changing to another brand. My issue with this harness is that the back loosens and now and then you need to take the harness of to re-adjust.  I use typically the 24-70 D3s + SB910.  I am going to order a carryspeed FS-pro and get also the narrower shoulder strap. Benefits is front adjustment, can change to a wider shoulder pad for heavier loads and thus more comfortable. The carryspeed attachment plate also can be used for arca swiss tripod head so easy to use for tripod.

For the second camera, typically a D4  with 70-200, I use the Think Tank holster 50 v2.0 attached to a lowepro lightweight utility belt.  The holster has a shoulder strap to distribute part of the load to the shoulders. The holster 50v2 also allows the 70-200 with lens hood attached to a pro body and ready for instant use. The hood protects the lens when in the holster.  The belt allows for 2-3 other lens cases to be attached, and bag for mem cards + batt.  The lowepro belt can also fit think tank cases if you prefer it.

Hope this helps

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