full body shot

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Catallaxy wrote:

I am assuming you are asking about an adult subject. Kids are different in that we are used to seeing them a bit closer and more inside our personal space.

For traditional portraiture, you want to be about 10-15ft from your subject to get the most pleasing perspective. If you get too close you get the dreaded "big nose, no ears" look and if you shoot too far away you lose the feel of intimacy with the subject. That is why a lot of fashion is shot with 200mm or even 300mm lenses because they want to objectify the subject and accentuate the clothes, jewelry, etc.

So for about that 10-15ft range a 35-50mm focal length is about right. 35mm will be more intimate, but might show a bit of perspective distortion, and 50mm will be on the longish side.

Note also that you want to shoot a bit lower than normal camera height. If you shoot at normal eye level, the subject's feet become smaller and the head becomes bigger and that is usually not flattering. Shoot a bit lower - about mid chest on the model. Not too low or the model will be looking down on the camera in an obvious way and that is not pleasing either.

I use my Voigtlander 40 f/2 for posed shots where I can manually focus. For events, I shoot my 24-70 f/2.8/ at 35-50mm range or my Tokina 50-135 f/2.8 at 50mm setting.

Good luck!

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thank you sir very much for the explanation.

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